For your next conference or corporate event, bring in a powerful, dynamic presenter who will touch your people and inspire them to action – Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker!

There are three options to choose from:

  1. Stalkie will provide a keynote speech for your event – subjects outlined below
  2. Stalkie will provide a kenote speech and host the whole event
  3. Stalkie and The Extra Mile team will create a bespoke event for you organizing content, activities and all logistical aspects

His heart-warming story of rising from schoolboy truant to working with some of the country’s best known businesses and business people, will challenge their beliefs, and stimulate their minds.

Stalkie gets to the root causes of procrastination, doubt and inactivity – and shows your people how to overcome these fears to win!

His motivating message is exactly what your people need to get past self-imposed limitations of doubt, embarrassment and lack of self-confidence . . . and into action that increases external performance and internal fulfilment. You get fired up colleagues, and you will be the hero for organising it.

Stalkie is an expert in understanding people and how they work so the change is self-sustaining. His dynamic, totally bespoke keynote speeches are tailored to help your people break through to higher confidence, massive action, more sales and personal fulfilment.

Stalkie and his team do thorough pre-event research and tailor the speech for your company, products, services or situation. His unique style and delivery would be hard to duplicate by anyone else. You receive content that’s fun and relentlessly packed with usable information on how to achieve more.

Give Stalkie the opening keynote and kick off your conference with an explosion. Or have him as your closing keynoter and send your people out the door energized into action. Either way, your conference will be more successful, your people will thank you, and you’ll feel as if you’ve made the right decision.

Stalkie is often booked months in advance, so move fast!

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Room and AV set-up

Recording rights – 50% of fee
Videoing rights – 75% of fee
Consulting upon request

All keynotes are available up to 90 minutes based on your needs

For bookings in the US, Europe, Far East and Rest of the World travel expenses include full-fare business class plane tickets, accommodation, transfers and meals.

Keynotes available:


Aimed at sales consultants, retail shop managers, telesales consultants, call centre managers, area managers and anybody that has to motivate and inspire groups of people to sell.

Delegates leave able to sell harder, faster, stronger.

Colleague Engagement

Aimed at business owners and managers, directors, sales and marketing people, entrepreneurs and any individual that wants to reach new heights. A jam-packed programme that succinctly sums up and conveys the systems that have been implemented by Stalkie and The Extra Mile Partnership in engaging employees, reducing shrinkage, reducing attrition, increasing mutual colleague and client respect thus increasing results.

Customer Service

Aimed at business owners and managers, directors, sales and marketing people, entrepreneurs who want to wow their customers every step of the customer journey.

Stalkie shares some incredible ideas, systems and process that he and The Extra Mile have implemented to achieve their extraordinary outcomes.

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Information for Speaker Agencies

Dear Speaker Agency

Stalkie would love to work with you. Stalkie is a professional keynote speaker who delivers powerful messages that work! Stalkie is totally reliable, easy to work with and doesn’t have a huge ego to battle with.

Booking Stalkie can be one of the most lucrative decisions you make. Many events he does result in repeat bookings or spin off engagements.

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