Change for Wealth

For people who want to create extraordinary cultures and companies


One Day Event

The Elm Tree, Ringwood

First Tuesday of every month January – December

Are you struggling to take your sales to the next level?

Do you feel like our people are pushing against you?

Is your work-life burning you out?


Would you like help to reach the success you are seeking? In the words of Stalkie’s own mentor, Randy Gage, ‘even the greatest athletes, performers and leaders need a coach. In fact you can easily argue that the higher the level of success you are operating at – the more you really need one.’

According to a recent feature in Forbes magazine ‘innovative companies understand that coaching can help career-minded professionals increase their performance at work. They invest in coaching for their senior leaders and high potentials.’

So a question for you – are you tested, challenged, questioned, guided, supported, inspired, motivated and consistently educated in your role?

When you have a challenge who do you turn to? Who is, or where is, your support mechanism? Do you have a network of trust? Peers you can speak openly to with a similar depth of knowledge who are experiencing the same challenges as you?

Maybe you know a bit about Stalkie? If not, he’s worked with five of the families in the Sunday Times Rich List (namely Julian Richer of Richer Sounds; Charles Dunstone of Carphone Warehouse, TalkTalk, Five Guys; Malcolm Walker of Iceland Foods; the McCarthy family with McCarthy & Stone and Churchill Retirement Living and David Ross of Carphone Warehouse) and many more businesses besides.

During the years working with various businesses he and his team have discovered a common thread with business leaders. That is, one of the biggest challenges being faced in today’s fast moving market place, is finding the time and the right peer network to strategise, brainstorm and quite simply provide support for one another.

Addressing exactly this challenge Stalkie has assembled The Extra Mile Mastermind Group consisting of an exclusive invitation-only group of high performing business leaders.

Would you like to be part of Stalkie’s select Extra Mile Mastermind Group – entitled ‘Change for Wealth’?

Change for Wealth – the title encapsulates how small changes made for you and your business will help you get the very best out of every day, maximising the ‘wealth’ in your own personal life and that of your business.

On the Change for Wealth day Stalkie will give you an idea as to what you can expect from becoming a member of The Extra Mile Mastermind Group. In the morning he will deliver a keynote addressing challenges you consider to be the most pertinent in your businesses today. (Once you have confirmed your space, we respectfully request that you answer a brief questionnaire sent one week before the event, asking you about any challenges you are currently facing.) Stalkie will be sharing his ideas with you that are worth tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

See what Nick Warren, CEO of Burgess Marine had to say:

I met Stalkie and The Extra Mile Partnership whilst working on £100m refit of MY Shemara where Burgess Marine were the lead contractor.

Our business is circa £20m turnover over multiple sites in the UK where we principally repair and build ships.

The Extra Mile Partnership helped us structure our firm and our working relationships with MY Shemara which helped us maintain the business throughout the duration of the contract. After working with The Extra Mile Partnership for a couple of years we asked them to carry out a diagnostic on our business which they duly did. We then hired them on a long term agreement to help us restructure Burgess Marine.

One of the main pieces of advice from The Extra Mile Partnership related to our aspirations concerning the possibility of a trade sale, float or a venture capital deal. In essence this advice was that Burgess should attract a far higher multiple per earning ratio if we went from a ship repair business to a service related business.

Following our restructure and support from The Extra Mile Partnership, we sold 40% of our equity for 11 million as a service business versus the 5.5 million we would have received as a ship repairer.

We would recommend The Extra Mile Partnership and still have a working relationship with them years on.

See more testimonials here

In the afternoon you will have time to network with your peers; discuss your challenges in more detail, and leave with tools you can implement immediately in your business.

Come along and meet people who are real players – just imagine the powerful and life changing things you can learn from similar people like you.

We will be meeting 10 times a year, for one day, at a hotel in Bournemouth. The day will follow a similar format to that outlined above.