Stalkie’s personal mission statement:

‘To make friends, spread love and happiness and have faith.’


About Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker

Since Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker was in his early 20s, he has been inspiring people to break through their self-limiting beliefs and achieve their utmost desires.

His motivational story of rising from school failure and overcoming a life-threatening illness to working with the UK’s top businesses and business leaders has inspired many people.

His story is one of overcoming self-doubt; his own uniquely limiting beliefs and fighting the system against all odds most certainly qualifies him as an undeniable authority in the arena of peak performance and extraordinary human achievement.

Stalkie holds an audience’s attention through his personal stories of a mis-spent youth, to building a business which made him a million and which he promptly lost.

His stories start with being given 12 weeks to live, to flourishing again as an entrepreneur, a business coach to FTSE 100 companies, a life coach to business leaders, high performance sports personalities, disaffected schoolchildren and life serving prisoners.

He is the author of three books, Raise Your Game Now, Going the Extra Mile and 101 Ways to Raise your Game and is due to make his TV debut on Channel 4 in the not too distant future with his documentary Improve Your Life Now!

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A brief history of Stalkie in his own words:


I left school at the age of 15, my teachers having written me off as a complete failure. My dyslexia and bad attitude meant my ability to learn in the school environment was appalling. My writing was poor and my reading even poorer.

I firmly believe that if my teachers had spoken to me, questioned me and found out what motivated me, then used that information in an intelligent way, I could have been taught very successfully. But they didn’t so I had to find other ways of making it.


At this time I started operating outside the box and looking at life a little differently. I was introduced to a series of tapes called The Psychology of Winning by Dr Dennis Waitley, one of America’s most respected authors and speakers on high performance human achievement. These tapes were a complete revelation to me – here was somebody who was talking a language that I understood.

One of my first jobs was selling space on Exchange and Mart – communicating with complete strangers on the telephone held no fears for me.


Started my own publishing company Media, Sales and Publishing which became The New Concept Group.


Ten years later it was such a viable concern that a venture capitalist company invested a lot of money in the business and I became a millionaire on paper overnight. On the surface everything was going well, I was earning good money; my wife was expecting our second child and my life must have seemed charmed. But I worked 12-14 hours a day and hardly saw my wife, let alone our daughter.


It was after a weekend away with friends and family that I discovered a lump on my neck. At first I thought it was where I had been carrying my daughter on my back in a harness, but it didn’t go away. I went to an osteopath whose advice was to see a GP immediately. The doctor took one look at me and said ‘I think you¹ve got cancer’.

The following nine days of tests were the worst days of my life. My worst fears were realised when I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Cancer Grade 2A.

A nutritionist revealed that what I thought was a healthy diet was in fact full of potentially carcinogenic substances and I was advised to start cleaning my act up immediately. Meat, dairy, fat and alcohol were all banished and a number of supplements recommended.

Chemotherapy did not work. My body was not responding to treatment because my blood was of too poor a quality. My good cells were too low in number and I was given 12 days to live.

I set myself new goals: To clean up my blood I started juicing organic green vegetables with a vengeance and added liquid oxygen drops to the three litres of water I began to consume daily. I got rid of every chemical in my house, I covered my face when putting petrol into the car, I stopped using my mobile phone. I did everything I could to avoid contact with anything thought vaguely cancer inducing.


Through this mix of traditional and complementary medicine, pig headed discipline, determination and belief on my part I beat Hodgkins Disease. On 5th January 2000 I was given the all clear eight months after the weekend away when I carried my daughter on my back.


Formed Second to None Ltd trading as Paul Stalker Coaching. Supported by leaders like Julian Richer and Charles Dunstone, I formed Paul Stalker Coaching with a mission to motivate people – whether it’s to do with beating a life threatening illness; whether it’s to become physically stronger; whether it’s to find the best partner; whether it’s to run the most successful business or to fulfil some other dream – I believe it is all possible with the right combination of tools.

How many people sit down and plan their life like they plan building a house, a wedding, or a party? Have you? I doubt it. But it should be a matter of course. Would you build a house without the right team of people to help, the architect, the builder, the plumber and electrician each with the right set of tools? Of course not.

And that is what I do – equip friends and colleagues with the right set of tools to build the best life possible.

Paul Stalker Coaching was launched in 2002. It prides itself on pioneering its own breed of ideas and unique delivery of solutions designed to make real impact on a company’s bottom line. In that time it successfully delivered programmes and events for organisations ranging from Richer Sounds, The Carphone Warehouse, B&Q, Topps Tiles, Countrywide Farmers and Zara to Pizza Express, Greene King and GNER.


Rebrand and Relaunch to become ‘The Extra Mile Partnership’


Bought back to fully own Second to None Ltd trading as The Extra Mile Partnership

Working with various clients including Kaupthing, Zara, Countrywide Farmers


Seconded for sales consultancy to TalkTalk Northamptonshire for one year


Contract secured with Harrison Catering for cultural change programme over four years


…onwards consulting with various clients, some owner managed and some corporate

2016 formed alongside The Extra Mile Partnership